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The Rising

Benumu are by far and away the best promoters we have worked with. Excellent hospitality, and friendly, enthusiastic and on the level!! This can be seen by the Benumu team in the front row watching all the bands and having a great night out! Promotion was excellent throughout - proved by the full house in attendance. 10/10



Elephant Radio

Working with Benumu was a dream! They booked an awesome venue, with great organisation and communication. We are not a London based band but we had a brilliant crowd reception, which made the trip worth it. They certainly made us feel like part of the Benumu family and we can’t wait to do another night with them!

I would highly recommend that all artists sign up for a Benumu page (it costs nothing and takes 5 minutes), and in return you get to play some fantastic gigs at some awesome venues.



Children of the State

After our 4 hour journey straight down England’s spinal column (the M1) we arrived at Camden Assembly, greeted by Simon who made us instantly feel welcome and at ease in the run up to the gig. After a few IPAs we settled in the venue and the live sound was spot on. If you’re part of a musical outfit then perhaps getting a Benumu profile might help you grow a six pack or find some valuable contacts within the music industry.



Weekend Recovery

Benumu are so great to work with - enthusiastic, hardworking and most importantly care about their artists and events.

From start to finish our single launch show at Camden Assembly was smooth and we felt thoroughly looked after, nothing was too much of an ask - and for Simon and his team to help make this evening a success for us meant the world, and coming all the way down from Leeds - this is such an important thing!

Cannot wait to play again - thank you so much.




Playing a Benumu gig was a breath of fresh air! Everything was so well organised, there was full and high-quality backline provided, the night ran seamlessly, and Simon was so lovely and helpful. It’s rare that you come across promoters that treat a band so well. We would love to perform at another Benumu event!



The Gulps

Working with Benumu was a great experience. We really recommend Benumu for all new bands that wants to build their music career. Nice sound on stage and really good vibes from the audience.

Thank you very much!



Dutch Mustard

On the 29th of March we got to open up for a band called ‘Weekend Recovery’ at their single launch. This show was organised by the wonderful Benumu, and it was our first time working with them.

As soon as we arrived at the venue, they came to greet us and gave us a quick look around the venue to show us where to put our gear. Simon was super helpful, and it was great to have him around. We felt a massive support from him and Benumu and can’t wait to do more shows with them.



100 Fables

In a music scene with a sea of varying promoters I can whole heartedly say Benumu are the best of the best.

They exude extraordinary enthusiasm, hold the upmost respect and professionalism for their artists and colleagues and partner this with REAL love and passion for the music industry and bringing through new artists.

This is extremely rare in today’s music industry and we are so glad we found you. Thank you Benumu for being you.



Katalina Kicks

On behalf of Katalina Kicks - a band’s perspective, working with Benumu was an amazing experience! Great venue and sound, amazing organisation and communication, from booking to aftershow.

We were looked after so well on the night too.

I would highly recommend that all bands and artists sign up for a Benumu page (it costs nothing and takes 5 minutes), get some great exposure and then play one of their shows!



The Trusted

We were early adopters of the Benumu platform and after a busy year of over 85 gigs, recording and working real hard to get noticed - Simon, his team and the Benumu website have really delivered in terms of getting us better gigs, better connected and getting us seen!

Simon's passion for new music, live performance and helping new bands getting noticed is infectious and second to none.

The whole Benumu philosophy is about having the artist's best interests at heart and it consistently delivers in terms of networking, gigs and profile.

The Benumu Sunday Sessions at The Camden Assembly are amazing. We loved playing the event along with a great line up but more importantly with no heavy pressure to bring people. We were delighted to play to a packed room of music lovers who had all came out on a Sunday night to watch new music!

A massive achievement by the Benumu team in excellent promotion and event management. All the bands on the bill were made to feel special and were really looked after.

We are looking forward to achieving some great things in the future with Benumu's help!

Thank you all so much!




In a world of dodgy wheeler dealer promoters, Benumu shines through as an amazing new platform that genuinely cares about supporting new and developing acts, promoters and venues.

The social media platform is completely free, easy to use and bridges the gap to help

those in the industry just starting out, opening up possibilities such as booking out of London shows and securing performance slots otherwise reserved for labels and major booking agents.

The uplift from the shows my band have had from playing Benumu’s shows is incredible – they have been able to secure press opportunities and exciting shows that would never have been possible without Benumu’s help. I feel lucky to have been invited to work with them from the outset, as this is just the beginning of an exciting new platform, providing hope in and amongst a wash of small venues closing and major promoters closing in on DIY shows.

Benumu has been instrumental to developing my band in the last few months alone, and they are a pleasure to work with!




"Benumu is a great new platform, offering a new style of social networking that's proving really useful to us as an unsigned band.

Not to mention they put on great gigs at great venues, with our last gig with Benumu at Camden Assembly being one of the best London gigs we've had so far. For a Sheffield based band, things like that mean the world to us.

Can't wait to work with them again in the future."



Spilt Milk Society

"We aren't based near London at all but still got to play to a full room when we made the journey down.

Great experience and Simon was lovely to us from the start to the end. Looking forward to seeing the ethos that they have towards artists more in this industry".



Climb The Attic

One of our best shows to date was with Benumu!

The whole night was an absolute dream, ran like clockwork, smooth a baby’s bum. The team are a sound bunch of guys n girls and have nailed the art of promotion.

The night we played, we opened, and we opened to an ecstatic ram-packed room which is rare at like 7 O'clock! So just goes to show they look after their artist at every show making sure every night is top notch entertainment.

Can't wait for the next one!




We immediately felt excited when we first heard of the Benumu platform as it does way much more than a mere “create your profile and get some bookings” platform but truly creates a brilliant free music ecosystem and a broader sense of community-unity that we’re so happy to be a part of!

We’ve then had the pleasure of playing a Benumu Sunday Session which aim is to support, showcase and celebrate independent music from across the UK.

This took place at a highly reputable venue in London and we were absolutely thrilled by the audience, the top notch organization and other acts!

Join us and BE a part of this NEW Movement!



She’s Seventeen

Benumu for us has been great for finding opportunities, getting to know new people and getting great gigs.

The Benumu events that we've been a part of have been loads of fun and really well organized.

It's great having such a good platform and company focusing on grass roots venues and helping out small to medium sized bands that are all about the music and not the money.

We look forward to doing more with Benumu and recommend them highly to bands, venues and promoters.



Camden Assembly

Benumu consistently bring fantastic bands and great crowds. Super easy to work with and have never been let down by them.

They are uniquely placed to offer great line-ups and the freshest bands on the scene, which for a new music venue like us it a perfect match.

We look forward to the new shows we have in place for 2019 and onwards.



Royal Northern College of Music

The RNCM’s Popular Music programme is built on the core principles of quality, integrity, creativity and professionalism - synergies we share with Benumu.

Benumu brings together and supports the 21st century music ecosystem and facilitates collaboration between likeminded musicians, educators and institutions on a global scale.

We are proud to be a part of this community and look forward to an exciting pioneering journey that re-defines the music industry of the future.



Pizza Express Live

I have very much enjoyed having Benumu on hand for scouting new talent with ease. They have been an amazing tool for finding emerging and established artists throughout the country.

PizzaExpress Live are responsible for booking over 1700 artists a year for our 35 venues having weekly live music (and still growing) and over 1500 in the 5 core venues (3 in London, 1 in the Midlands and 1 in Kent) again playing live music 7 nights a week.

Couldn't recommended Benumu enough. What an amazing platform!


Benumu-The-Zine-Testimonial Benumu-The-Zine-Testimonial

Rocklands ArtBeat Promotions (The Zine UK) PR RadioHead, Manic Street preachers and the Blinders

Benumu is well connected, loaded with enthusiastic integrity and doing great things in music. The platform is socially inclusive allowing artists, industry and media to network and Fans to discover new music, friends and events.

Benumu thinks outside of the clique box - all things that artists and audiences alike have been asking for.


Benumu-Success-Express-Music-Testimonial Benumu-Paradise-London-Testimonial

Success Express Music and Paradise London

In today's society there is a vital need to re-engage live audiences of all ages, encourage local communities to support and enjoy new independent artists and bands, and discover their own favourite new stars.

Benumu is answering the question of how we create a free, open environment for the music ecosystem. The growing thumbs up from so many bands nationwide demonstrates they agree there is a need to find another way to freely reach their existing fans, outside the paid social media options, build new audience and create brilliant innovative opportuni- ties to get help them shout above the noise.



St James Wine Vaults (Bath)

What has Benumu done for us?

The St James Wine Vaults is a small live music venue based in Bath – traditionally we are a pub with two spaces – The Gallery and The Cellar.

Over the past year, Benumu has helped immensely. From the exposure generated on the platform as a great venue to play - we have seen significant growth in our events from bands all over the UK; so much so we only have limited availability from August 2018.
Benumu has also exposed us to promoters from all over the UK who need venues like ours for UK tours. As a venue we help as much as possible with promotion. Research does indicate that small venues are on the decline, so it is vitally important that Benumu grows its network of venues, promoters, musicians, venues and anyone involved in the music industry, keeping itself impartial and supportive, so that local and national music lives in communities.

Thank you Benumu for all your help and support!


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