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Skinner's Lane

Liverpool, UK
Alternative, Garage Rock, Grunge, Indie, Punk / Proto-Punk / Post-Punk, Rock, Rock - Classic / Blues / Country, Rock - Hard / Heavy


An unorthodox collection of three uncanny individuals, Skinner’s Lane is a group highly motivated to excite listeners with their international twist on British music culture coupled with an ambitious and relentless determination to also put smiles on faces and lift crowds with their eccentric personalities and captivating stage presence.

“With the riff's combined with the frontman Zak's energy, the place filled fast. Through the Canadian accent and the American humour, Zak and his band definitely set the bar high for acts to follow" - Purple Revolver.

The Liverpool garage rock band have been causing a raucous across Merseyside with their animated style fused together with elements of psychedelia, indie and even prog-rock. Hailing from Sandefjord, Liverpool and San Francisco, Skinner’s Lane is an excitable band built on strong emphasis of punky guitar riffs and beats reminiscent of old school punk and noughties garage rock dipped in Californian psychedelia and surf. This has seen them garner excitement over the past two years coupled with their animated, possessed-like stage performances. Having recently put final touches to their next highly anticipated single, Skinner’s Lane look set to send shock waves across the country with their refined, chameleon-like, fast paced brand of rock.

"The opening rumble of guitar and drums is reminiscent of indie gods Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand, whilst vocalist Zak’s singing gives a nod to classic punk pop tracks of the late ‘90s and early ‘00s." - Liverpool Noise.

"The cross contamination of indie and punk genres was electrifying and inspiring” - One Great Song.


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