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Pink Cigar

London, UK
Rock, Rock - Hard / Heavy, Rock'n'roll /Rockabilly


“Championing 70s grime through a young voice. Louche but
spikey, with a
smoky troubadour edge and sassy grooves which suggests warmer
sophistication. Dirty Stuff” Classic Rock Magazine

“Rock ’N' Roll as a genre is
financially on it’s knees but the
spirit lives and has been
transposed to other genres.
However, we got something to say
and we know there’s millions
around the world that want some
rock ’n' roll with some bad boy
riffs for 2018 and beyond.”
Pink Cigar

Formed on the famous streets of Ladbroke Grove, West London, four
very different individuals unite -
Sam Cottrell from Bristol (vocals) and Edd Whyte (guitar/vocals), Sam Rutland (bass/vocals) and Sid Mayall (drums) all from London.

There’s something different about Pink Cigar, the songs, the attitude, the excitement,
the look, the fun, the aggression, the energy, and the fact they really mean it and live
it. They give their fans something to believe in and at live shows their energy
and lust for life is contagious.

After releasing their debut album ‘We’re Gonna Get You Out Of Here’ they have
extensively toured the UK, Europe and New York City gaining momentum and
earning their reputation as ’the biggest baddest live show in town’. Evening Standard. Now the Pink
Cigar boys are back with some new material gearing up for their forthcoming album
which they promise eclipses their much loved ‘We’re Gonna Get You Out Of Here’.





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