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Southend On Sea, UK
Alternative, Grunge, Metal, Rock


Minerva Falls formed back in 2009 when guitarist Adam Walsingham, aka A.D. was introduced to lead vocalist Ross Martin. Fresh from leaving his previous band Ross had been in search of something totally new, a band with no restriction and he was about to find it. A.D. was a bedroom guitarist merely writing songs in the comfort of his own room when he reached out to Ross and begun the makings of the rock band he'd always dreamed of.

Over the coming weeks A.D. and Ross would come across two talents, guitarist and backing vocalist Ben Robbins and bass player Tom Fall. Both had also left prior bands and were hungry for a new project. After an awkward and unsure first meet / practice the band's second meet would give birth to their first song Queen of Spades. Something happened that night - the guys came together like a well oiled machine and song after song was written and Minerva Falls was born.

With influences like AC/DC to Faith No More, Guns 'n' Roses and the Foo Fighters it was pretty apparent early on that the guys were looking to bring back a grunge sound. This then developed into what can only now be described as the sound of Minerva Falls.

Six years on and with little success holding a drummer, the band came across a young talented drummer by the name of Aaron Hickey. Self taught playing drums on Guitar Hero Hickey was instantly a hit with the guys and exactly what they had been looking for.





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