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Fragile Creatures

Brighton, UK
Alternative, Indie, Indie Pop, Rock


Combining rock, grunge, pop and catchy melodies, Fragile Creatures evoke the spirit of great musical innovators of the past, from Bowie to Blur and beyond. Resistant to the formulaic, going wherever the musical muse takes them. Let yourself get swept up and join the adventure.

Fragile Creatures found our previous music industry set-up frustrating, from a combination of bad luck and slow moving partners our debut album came out 2 years late, with no solid plans for the follow-up we had already written. We decided to become self-reliant: we taught ourselves to record on a shoestring and I went back to school, to study the industry at WaterBear college in Brighton. Heart Beat EP (out May 3rd 2019) is our first experiment with being a self-releasing, DIY band. We hope you like it!" Adam Kidd





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